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About Solar-Man cc

Established in 1982, Solar-Man is a dedicated supplier of solar window film protection.

Solar window film has been in the market for around 40 years. It’s a fully customisable upgrade for existing windows that solves many internal problems in today’s modern vehicles and structures.

Solar window film features include:

  • Heat reduction.
  • Glare reduction.
  • UV filtration.
  • Increased safety.
  • Increased privacy.
  • The solar window film industry has grown significantly in the three decades since we opened our doors, and due to the rising demand for glass film, many suppliers opt for a high marketing tag and tend to oversell.

    Our business promise remains the same: we offer an excellent product at an affordable price, with the added backing of 30 years’ experience thrown in for additional peace of mind. Since commencing operation we have completed in excess of 60,000 successful glass film installations in the Western Cape.

    Our solar film is manufactured by SKC Window Film in Seoul, South Korea (a division of LG Chemical Industries), a trusted supplier with consistently-produced high quality solar window film products for both buildings and vehicles.

    Contact us now for professional solar window film manufacturing and fitment services.