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About Solar-Man

  • Solar-Man was established in1982, and is dedicated to the window film industry.
  • Window film has been in the market for around 40 years. We all have an idea of what solar film can do.
  • Most fitment centers are using Architectural safety film for Automotive application. (100 micron film).
  • Originally, there were only a few manufacturers of window film, but due to a rising demand for window film world wide, there are now in excess of 23. With globalization, some suppliers opt for a high marketing tag, by overselling, and profiteering. This usual with expensive brand names. Most solar film is manufactured with similar equipment and raw materials.
  • Our strategy is to offer an excellent product, at an affordable price. Our solar film is manufactured by SKC Window Film in Seoul, South Korea (a division of LG chemical industries)
  • During our 30 years of operation we have done in excess of 60,000 successful installations in the Western Cape
  • Our dedicated specialists at Solar-Man are:
  • Peter Breen - for all Residential, Office & Commercial requirements.
  • Des Grundeling - for all Automotive Requirements, & solar film sales.